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Welcome to our online store, my name is Shane and I have been on a lifelong adventure to learn how to cook a great Durban Curry.

I started learning to cook curry in 1987, but in 2019, I had reached a plateau in my curry cooking. So I started a group on Facebook to unashamedly beg, borrow and steal tips, tricks and family secrets from the amazing people (now friends), that joined after I pleaded with them to share their knowledge with me.

The group is called “We are Durban Curry Lovers” and it is focused on learning and teaching how to cook a great Durban Curry.

Soon, some people were asking me to send them some of the masala that I was using. At that time, it was nothing special, just your regular store bought masala. I used every single product on the market, but always found that I was chasing that elusive flavour and cooking fragrances that travelled three houses down and had the neighbours with their tongues against my kitchen window.

Even though they could buy the same masala that I used, what they were actually after was the ratio of masala to jeera, dhania, cardamom, star anise, etc, that is normally added to masala’s … and this this where things get exciting.

The goal that they were after was using one spice, instead of having to mix multiple spices to get that authentic Durban flavour.

Then fate stepped in, as it normally does.

The one day I messed up a curry by putting in too much jeera and I was desperately looking for a solution to try and save my R200 of lamb knuckles, when my buddy and highly accomplished Spicemaster told me about an all-in-one masala that he had been perfecting for almost 30 years, and that we should collaborate to start a movement to help even the first timer become a master curry chef.

The rest, as they say, is history – and yes, nowadays, when I cook a curry the neighbours three houses down can smell my curry and for some reason, I am the most popular guy on the block.

Our product is made from the finest ingredients available anywhere on the planet. They are cryogenically milled and blended to absolute perfection by a true artisan on a relentless quest for perfection.

This is not supermarket, commercially produced product, it is an ultra-premium artisinal product that has been designed so that even the first timer can cook a great Durban Curry.

Our product ships with a recipe booklet of our simple 4 step foolproof recipes.

You can do it. Just remember to buy some extra windolene to clean your neighbours tongue marks off your kitchen window.

If you are not a member of our group, then you are invited to join to come and see what we are about and all the delicious curries cooked by our thousands of customers.

If you have any questions about cooking a Durban Curry, come and ask and our wonderful members will be only too happy to share their knowledge with you. My own cooking improves every day, from the tips, tricks & family secrets shared on our group.

We are Durban Curry Lovers

If you are interested in reading a bit more about my journey of learning to cook Durban Curry, you can do so here on my Durban Curry Recipe site, Durban Curry Recipes.

I can understand that many people are skeptical of buying online, so if you would like more information and find hundreds of testimonials from our thousands of customers, then please come join our group.

I can be contacted on whatsapp (+27) 062 242 5783 or via the contact form or green button below.
(I do have a full time day job, so please be patient if I do not answer immediately)

If you are looking for a restaurant, takeaway or catering company that sells cooked curry, then please see our site The Curry Finder

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

  1. Can I come collect? – Unfortunately we do not offer any collection facilities at this point, although we are currently trialing a reseller program.
  2. Do you have a shop? – I am currently looking for premises.
  3. Are their any additives or fillers in your masala? – No, there are no additives, fillers, colourants or any funny business in our masalas.
  4. Do you deliver? – yes, we deliver anywhere in South Africa, and internationally via our International Site.
  5. Do you ship overseas? – Yes, please order from our INTERNATIONAL SITE
  6. Is your masala hot? – of course this is subjective, but we have a mild, medium-hot & extra hot. You will not find more Flavourful masala anywhere.
  7. I don’t like to buy online, can I do a manual order? – absolutely, contact me via the form or the whatsapp button below and I will gladly assist with a manual order.