Breyani Spice (200g)


Discover the charm of our All-in-One Breyani Spice.

This premium blend is carefully crafted by our expert SpiceMaster to add amazing color, aroma, and flavor to your meals.

No need for any additional spices. Our All-in-One Breyani Spice has everything you need, just 6 tablespoons per kg of your favourite meat or protein. Marinate all in one bowl.

This spice brings a perfect balance of tradition and innovation to your dishes.

It’s not just about cooking food; it’s about creating memorable meals.

Our Breyani Spice is more than a spice mix. It’s your ticket to a world of tasty adventures.

Give it a try and start your flavor-filled journey.

Breyani Whole Spice Mix Also Available

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breyani spice
Breyani Spice (200g)
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