Dhania Seeds


Dhania Seeds | Fresh and Aromatic

Enhance your culinary creations with our Dhania Seeds, sourced from the finest coriander plants. Known for their light, citrus-like flavor, these seeds are a fundamental element in the spice repertoire of any kitchen, particularly in the preparation of traditional Durban curries.

Dhania Seeds can be used whole for textural interest or ground into powder to release their full, vibrant flavor. They are excellent for pickling, baking bread, or crafting bespoke spice blends. Their fresh, herbal note also makes them ideal for brewing into teas or sprinkling over salads.

  • Weight: 50g
  • Origin: Harvested from premium quality coriander plants
  • Uses: Perfect for cooking, baking, and as a garnish

Discover the bright, refreshing taste of our Dhania Seeds, a versatile and essential spice that uplifts any dish with its distinct flavor.

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