Chicken Masala (200g)


This is the Original Blend, Durban Curry Lovers All-in-One Masala, which has been slightly tweaked for Chicken.

Durban Curry Lovers All in One Masala, is a ultra premium, hand blended, artisanal product which has been specially blended to turn any amateur cook into a curry master.

There is no need to add any other whole or powdered spices, when using this true all-in-one masala. It only takes 4 tablespoons per kg of your favourite meat or protein, to cook a perfectly balanced Durban Curry with a beautiful red colour, irresistible aroma and a flavour that takes you back to the real flavours of Durban.

There are no additives, preservatives, colourants or any fillers of any type in this Kashmiri Chilli based product. It is gluten & soya free.

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chicken masala
Chicken Masala (200g)
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