Jeera Powder (100g)


Jeera Powder | Pure Ground Cumin

Discover the robust essence of Durban’s favorite dishes with our pure Jeera Powder.

Made from finely ground, premium cumin seeds, this spice is a cornerstone in the preparation of an authentic Durban curry.

Jeera’s distinct earthy and slightly peppery flavor deepens the complexity of your culinary creations, enhancing everything from meat curries to vegetarian delights.

Perfect for those who cherish a rich depth in their cooking, this Jeera Powder ensures every bite is packed with flavor.

  • Weight: 100g
  • Origin: Sourced from top-quality cumin seeds
  • Uses: Essential for curries, chili, and spice rubs

Elevate your cooking with a sprinkle of our Jeera Powder, the secret ingredient to an unforgettable Durban curry!

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