Maadhir-in-Law Extra Hot Masala (200g)


The Spicemaster heard our cries for a beautiful EXTRA HOT Masala and got to work on this very special batch, which we call, “The Maadhir-in-Law”

This firecracker is blended to either be an all-in-one, for those who like it hot-hot, or to be used with our ORIGINAL BLEND all-in-one which you can mix in the perfect ratio, such as 3 tablespoons ORIGINAL BLEND + 1 Tablespoon MAADHIR-IN-LAW or however you like it.
(For reference, The Maadhir-in-Law is twice as hot as the ORIGINAL BLEND )

What Does Maadhir Mean

Maadhir is an old school Durban Indian slang word, which is used to describe how nice, cool, awesome or extraordinary something is, regardless of what it is.
  1. My bru, these burgers are maadhir
  2. Ekse, that’s a maadhir place to go to
  3. That guy Ronaldo, he’s a maadhir football player
  4. Check how maadhir his rims look on his cab?
now, one can also use it as a swear word.
eg: hey you maadhir, come here before I give you a klap

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