Paprika Powder (100g)


Paprika Powder | Vibrant & Smoky

Enhance your Durban curry with our Paprika Powder, a vibrant addition that brings color and a gentle warmth to any dish.

This spice is celebrated for its rich, smoky flavor and brilliant red hue, making it not only a culinary delight but a feast for the eyes as well.

Paprika is perfect for adding a subtle complexity to your curries, stews, and marinades, infusing them with its mild sweetness and captivating aroma.

Sprinkle it on top for a finishing touch of color and flavor that will make your dishes truly stand out.

  • Weight: 100g
  • Origin: Ground from the finest, sun-dried peppers
  • Uses: Ideal for enhancing curries, rubs, and sauces

Discover the bold flavors and stunning visual appeal of our Paprika Powder, a must-have for any spice lover’s kitchen!

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