The Role of Up-To-Date Potatoes in Durban Curry

In the realm of culinary delights, the Up-To-Date, or UTD potato, has carved out a special niche, particularly in the flavorful dishes characteristic of Durban, South Africa.

Having their origins in the fertile soils of Scotland in 1894, these potatoes have since found their way into the commercial agriculture sector of various countries, including South Africa, Australia, and Burma. The local denizens of Durban have endearingly nicknamed them as gravy-soakers, a testament to their capacity to marry seamlessly with the robust gravy that typifys Durban curries.

The UTD potato can be recognized by its distinct oval form that is slightly flattened, and its light-colored skin that veers towards an off-white hue. The low moisture and high starch constitution of these potatoes make them an exemplary fit for stews and curries.

Once subjected to heat, they transform into fluffy morsels that readily absorb the delightful gravies characteristic of Durban curries. A gravy-soaker that has been cooked to perfection maintains its form, yet when one applies pressure to it, it crumbles to a consistency that is reminiscent of mashed potatoes. This particular texture is what empowers it to sponge up the myriad spices and sauces, thereby amplifying the overall taste of the curry.

A common practice while cooking UTD potatoes for Durban curry involves pricking the potatoes a handful of times with a fork prior to their introduction to the dish. This step is instrumental in facilitating the penetration of the gravy into the potato, thereby enriching its flavor.

In sum, the distinct characteristics and cooking behavior of UTD potatoes make them an indispensable constituent of the Durban curry experience. Their inherent ability to take on and enhance the deep, intricate flavors of the curry, coupled with their appealing texture when cooked, underscores their importance in this iconic South African dish.

Whether you’re a culinary expert or a beginner in the kitchen, the inclusion of UTD potatoes in your Durban curry will undoubtedly elevate its taste and authenticity.